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basic coaching package

Sport Specific and General Fitness Coaching include training plans delivered monthly (Cycling: mountain, cyclocross, road, gravel; Endurance events in all disciplines; Triathlon-Ironman to sprint distance; Running all distances) premium Training Peaks account, biweekly phone calls/follow-up review of power/HR files on a biweekly basis. Basic standardized strength training included in monthly training plan.

Monthly $300 with Anne or Beth Ann

Premium Coaching Package

Includes Sport Specific or General Fitness Basic Coaching Package above (cycling, running, triathlon) plus an individualized strength training program with video support, weekly phone calls/follow-up and review of training plan/power/HR files on a weekly basis. Basic nutrition coaching can be included in this plan. This plan includes once a month face to face meeting for 1-1.5 hours with the coach for a ride, strength training session in person or remotely via zwift/or other digital modalities.

Monthly $500 with Anne, Beth Ann or Chris

Ultimate coaching package with chris horner

Includes Sport Specific or General Fitness Premium Package with training and in depth race/event nutrition analysis/support. This plan includes training rides with Chris Horner and/or race day strategy/event discussion with Chris. This is the ultimate coaching package where you get the expertise of both coaches Anne Linton and Chris Horner. Limited number of athlete spots at this level.

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one-on-one consultation

One-On-One consultation an include set up in home strength training or indoor running/cycling, any individualized training questions/review, bike fit, lactate threshold testing, bike skills training: Gravel, mountain biking, road skills, cyclocross skills. This can also include review of medical records, communication with medical providers in clients with medical conditions, and return to training after injury.

Inquire for hourly and half-day & daily rates as well as training camp rates with Chris Horner

Nutrition Coaching

Includes a personalized nutrition program to help you achieve your personal goals. For some it is performance based, health related or weight loss focused. The initial evaluation will include a personal review of your nutrition needs as well as physical needs. Biweekly phone calls will include a discussion of habits to help you achieve your goals, a review of your food tracking (if applicable) and review of your current exercise routine.

Monthly $250


Event specific or general training plans/guidelines for cycling, running, triathlon or general fitness. 

Inquire about pricing.

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*A set up fee of $100 is required for monthly coaching and a multi month discount is availble