This program isn't just about food it is about you, your habits, behavior and your lifestyle. Having gone from being a stressed out physician, losing 30 pounds and reassesing my life I know what it is like to feel stuck and unable to change.  Whether you want to lose fat, gain strength, improve endurance and/or performance or just improve your overall health I would love to help you and guide you along the way. 


What does it include?

  • 12 month access to me coach and the daily habits on the Pro Coach Software developed by years of research and experience from Precision Nutrition
  • Daily lessons and progress tracking
  • Monthly phone calls with me to follow your progress
  • Review your habits/strengths and weaknesses and work out what is best for YOU
  • A periodized personal training plan can be added along with your daily nutrition habits for an extra charge. Please inquire if interested.


Is this right for you?

If you are someone who has tried multiple diets and once you get back to "normal life" you gain the weight back again, or if you find yourself beating yourself up for not doing things perfectly then this is for you. It is not about counting calories or trying to be perfect, it is about accepting you where you are and trying to be just a little bit better. It takes practice to change and form habits and that is why this is a year long program where you get a new habit every two weeks.